Qualified architects who like helping people with pods…


This website introduces you to the small team of experts available to help people with pod-building projects in NSW, VIC, SE QLD, and ACT. Each of the members in our network has more than 50 successful pod projects to their credit, and they already possess all the engineering documentation required to produce design plans and architectural drawings for flatpack steel habitable building kits, also known as Backyard Pods.

Be assured that for any services or consultations you’ll need, you’ll get all documentation and tax invoices/receipts in the name of the registered architect or similar practitioner who handles your requirements personally, under their professional indemnity insurance, so it’s ‘official’ and you’ve got the same peace-of-mind as anyone building a house through a design architect, architectural practice, licensed builder, etc.

Initial engagement with your architect or similar advisor will be through booking your preliminary project advice email/session.


Help for DIY builders and owner-builders in NSW, VIC, SE QLD, ACT