Custom design plans and 3D renders package from $120 + GST


The ‘design stage’ is usually the start of any building project and it’s where your idea – to have a pod – takes its physical shape. The floorplan of the design communicates how the building will be used internally, and along with the placement of doors and windows, determines how the building will look from the outside. 3D renders show a more realistic view of the inside and outside, along with the proposed external colour scheme of the building.


No, your design plans and 3D renders are not for approval purposes. It will be the architectural drawings to be done for your project, specific to your site and explaining how your design is interpreted for practical construction, that will get submitted for approval along with any other necessary documentation. In the meantime, your floorplans, design plans, perspectives, 3D renders, mood boards, and other references are used for planning and perhaps budgeting for specific cost items you’ll want included. Architectural drawings are also needed to gather quotes on construction to the lock-up stage, as recommended. With the ‘staged’ approach to steel-framed pod-building, the builder, electrician, plumber, etc, will all need to refer to your architectural drawings for quoting and doing work.

If you choose an existing design from our range, with no tweaks or changes, you can download the design and floorplan and still get your 3D renders done, if you like, in the external colour scheme of your choice. If you want something different for your floorplan, ask your sales consultant to help. You’ll still need to get your architectural drawings done for approval purposes, however, as these drawings explain the specifics of your proposed project as built on your land.

The main rule to bear in mind is regarding your window placement, as you can’t design for a ‘wall of windows/doors’. Each wall must have at least 1200mm of solid wall for structural strength, and also, each opening requires 300mm of wall on either side to accommodate support for its corresponding lintel.

Standard fees for design plans, perspectives, 3D renders, and architectural drawings are based on using flatpack habitable steel building kits either with/without eaves or with/without decks/verandas. If you want a non-standard design, such as L-shaped (joined at the corners), gable-roofed and more square-ish (joined back-to-back), double-storey (one pod on top of the other, or mounted on an existing house), pavilion-style (joined by corridors or breezeways), or village-style (with central communal facilities), it’s all been done successfully at one time or another. These unusual requirements are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

You can get your design plan and perspectives done via email only or have live sessions with your consultant. The more help you need with figuring out your design, the more you might benefit from having live sessions. If your requirements are unusual, perhaps regarding compliance or additional engineering, your consultant might need to refer your requirements to an architect (with your consent). Using steel habitable flatpack building kits, the focus of your design plan and perspectives is normally on practicality, but your finished building can look really good too. Most people with the budget to indulge in custom architecture are not looking to save using kits, but some do, and the architects in our network can help them, no matter how complex the design and approval process could be.

Not normally. For quoting to the lock-up stage, you will need your architectural drawings to interpret the construction of the design with corresponding details. You can use your design plan for pricing your flatpack steel building kit and associated materials including windows, doors, and any other extras, which is handy.

Design plan examples

Your floorplan and perspectives

Get help with your floorplan to ensure the practicality of your design, with enough openings for ventilation and light, allowing for privacy and openness to the outlook as needed, suitable for building STCA. Have your completed floorplan and set of perspective drawings to suit your brief supplied to you by email in high-resolution PDF format.

3D render examples

Your 3D renders package

3D renders will show you what your completed steel-framed flatpack building will look like, from just about every angle. Getting your 3D renders package will help you to see how your project will appear architecturally, and how your selected external colour scheme will work when seen in real life. Your custom-coloured set of 3D renders will include views of the floorplan, perspective, left, right, front, and rear view.

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